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Bannerghatta 2021

Bannerghatta movie (2021) Crime, Drama, Mystery, Thriller | July 25, 2021 (India)
Director: Vishnu NarayananWriter: Arjun Prabhakaran, Gokul RamakrishnanStars: Karthik Ramakrishnan, Asha Menon, AnoopSummary: One night Ashiq, an acting driver gets a call from his sister who is out of town for an interview. From the call he comes to know that she is being chased by some unknown persons eventually her phone gets switched off. Within no time Ashiq has to find out what happened to his sister and save her. The problem is she is 400 km away and Ashiq cannot call cops for help. ?Synop


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Bannerghatta is an Indian Malayalam-language Mystery thriller film directed by debutant director Vishnu Narayanan and written by Arjun and Gokul.The film stars Karthik Ramakrishnan.
Ashiq an acting driver – Protagonist of the movie gets a call from his sister, from Bangalore where she went to attend an interview. From the call, Ashiq came to know that she is being chased by a group of persons from the nearby suburbs. Story rolls by the acts of Ashiq to save his sister from those people, being in a distance of 400 km (250 mi) or more.
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  • Karthik Ramakrishnan as Ashiq
  • Asha Menon
  • Anoop as Police constable
  • Sunil as SI
  • Vinod as Police constable
  • Anoop as Driver
After starring in Shibu, Karthik Ramakrishnan was cast in the film, directed by debutant Vishnu Narayanan, written by Arjun & Gokul.


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