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Entertainment 2014

It's Entertainment (2014) Action, Comedy, Drama | 140min | 8 August 2014 (India) 4.5
Summary: Akhil (Akshay Kumar) finds out that he is the heir of 3000 crore rupees as he and his mother were abandoned by his diamond baron father (Panna Laal Johari) who is now dead. However, his life goes Topsy-turvy when he learns that the empire goes to entertainment (a dog). Written by Ajit Tiwari


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Entertainment 2014 is a  Indian Hindi-language action comedy film.
written and directed by popular screenwriter duo Sajid-Farhad 
and produced by Ramesh S. Taurani under Tips Industries Limited.
Based on an original story by K. Subash,
the film stars Junior – The wonder dog as the titular protagonist and Akshay Kumar in lead roles,
along with TamannaahMithun ChakrabortyJohnny LeverPrakash Raj and Sonu Sood. The Film was released on 8 August 2014
Entertainment 2014

Entertainment 2014

The film starts with Akhil Lokhande (Akshay Kumar) getting paid for doing an ad,
where he gets into a fight, as he wasn’t paid the full amount of money that they had promised. This continues with a few other assignments, where Akhil constantly gets underpaid,
resulting in a fight, ends the fight when he gets a phone call, and says he has to go somewhere. He then arrives on a shoot where Sakshi (Tamannaah) is shooting for her television series. After her shoot lets out, they go for a walk around the park, observing other couples. At the end of their walk, Akhil proposes Saakshi. Akhil and Saakshi go to her father’s (Mithun Chakraborty) house,
where they are told that until Akhil becomes rich, he can’t marry Saakshi.
Akhil goes to his film-obsessed friend, Jugnu’s (Krushna Abhishek) shop. He tells him that he is going to visit his father at the hospital because he has chest pain. However,
his father Mr. Lokhande(Darshan Jariwala),
is actually acting and is dancing around with the nurse,
only staying in the hospital because it has service like a 5-star hotel. Akhil arrives just in time to hear and see this,
and goes to beat up Mr. Lokhande
when he reveals that Akhil is adopted and his real father wasn’t ready for a child so his mother left,
but was killed in a train crash. Luckily Akhil survived,
and when the railway officers were giving one lakh rupees for the families who are even one member dies,
he adopted Akhil to claim the compensation. Akhil, in a fit of rage, beats him up. He goes back to his house, and opens the chest that he never had before,
which contains love letters from his real father, to his mother,
and a locket with his father and mother’s pictures. He discovers that his father is Pannalal Johri (Dalip Tahil) who is a billionaire in Bangkok. Right as he finds this, on the television comes news that Pannalal Johri is dead and his 30 billion’s($480,000,000 in 2014)
will go to anyone who can prove that they are related to Pannalal Johri. He then meets Johri’s lawyer Habibullah (Johnny Lever).
After arriving at the Johri mansion,
his father’s house at Bangkok,
Akhil discovers that a dog named ‘Entertainment’ is the owner of Johri’s property,
and is actually Johri’s pet dog. He relays this to Jugnu,
and they try to kill Entertainment, by having Akhil become Entertainment’s caretaker,
but fail. Saakshi and her father surprise Akhil at the mansion, and discover that Entertainment is the heir,
causing the father to declare that Saakshi will never marry Akhil. At this time 2 brothers, Karan Johri (Prakash Raj) and Arjun Johri (Sonu Sood), the 2nd cousins of Johri, escape jail. Karan and Arjun want to kill Akhil, because they figure that the dog will die in a couple of years anyway,
and thus while Akhil is attempting to kill Entertainment,
they do the same to Akhil by drowning him under a thinly iced lake. Karan and Arjun hit the ground at the same time as Akhil causing him to nearly fall in,
but Entertainment saves the former, and falls into the lake instead. After a lot of efforts, Akhil fails to save Entertainment
but suddenly he comes out of the water and they develop feelings for each other. Akhil realizes his mistake and learns that Entertainment is a good hearted dog so he becomes his friend
and leaves the mansion. Karan and Arjun, citing their legal connections very well,
inappropriately acquire the property from Entertainment.
Akhil learns this news and returns. He vows that he’ll get the property back for Entertainment. Akhil’s strategy is to divide the two brothers and conquer. He manages to get a job as a servant at the mansion, now owned by Karan and Arjun. Akhil attempts to split the two brothers,
first by introducing Saakshi who seduces the two brothers separately.
However…. the scheme fails as background music reunites the two brothers. Akhil again attempts trying to split the two brothers,
this time by introducing a false impression of a ghost of Entertainment the dog. The two brothers quarrel and accuse each other of illegally disguising as Entertainment
and having tricked the other. Akhil’s friends tape this conversation in a CD slyly,
however… the CD drops accidentally and Karan and Arjun realize that all this was planned by Akhil.
Entertainment runs with the CD. Karan, Arjun and their gang chase the dog, Akhil, and his friends. Akhil manages to beat them all. Later, Karan shoots Akhil, but Entertainment takes the bullet by jumping in front of Akhil. Akhil gets angry and beats up Karan black and blue.
Entertainment is taken to the hospital but is unable to come back to life. Akhil, in a fit of anger, punches him but at this process, he had saved him. Karan and Arjun come to apologize to Entertainment, who forgives them. Saakshi’s father gets Akhil and Saakshi married while Entertainment
also marries a female dog in the same ceremony. This film ends when it shows that Akhil Johri and Saakshi Johri live a life with Entertainment 2014
and his wife (the female dog) with both of them having Kids and finally at the end it shows
the social message Love your pets and they will entertain you all your life.

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Duration: 140 min

Quality: WEB-DL


IMDb: 4.5

Entertainment 2014