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Main Zaroor Aaunga 2019

Coming Back (2019) Horror, Thriller | 100min | September 27, 2019 (India) 4.0
Director: Chandrakant SinghWriter: M. SalimStars: Arbaaz Khan, Aindrita Ray, Vikas VermaSummary: Yash Malhotra "Arbaaz Khan" is a renowned and successful businessman of Switzerland. One day, Yash Malhotra bumps into model Liza and falls in love at first sight and proposes her for marriage. They get married and live a blissful life. Everything goes well until the entry of Peter in their lives. Peter is a photographer and a friend to Liza. Over the course of time, Liza grows close to Peter and things turn ugly. Find out what really happens in this web of lies and emotions on 27th September with the release of Main Zaroor Aaunga.


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Main Zaroor Aaunga Movie Review

Critic’s Rating: 1.5/5

STORY: When Lisa (Aindrita Ray) is caught cheating on her husband Yash Malhotra (Arbaaz Khan), with her lover Peter (Vikas Verma), it leads to a horrifying conspiracy.

Yash Malhotra’s absence raises a cloud of suspicion, for he was wealthy and in a seemingly happy marriage. But, this loving husband was ruthlessly stabbed to death and buried away by none other than his unfaithful wife and her lover.
Main Zaroor Aaunga 2019
Amid dramatised sensuous scenes that needlessly eat up lead actress Aindrita Ray’s screen time, and leave her with almost no dialogues to mouth, her character’s tormenting hallucinations are supposed to drive the plot ahead. And they do, but not in the way one would hope. “Main Zaroor Aaunga,” promises Yash, and strange communications from the beyond begin to haunt all the accomplices. Flashbacks, blended with the scenes, may make you wonder what’s scarier – Arbaaz Khan’s performance as a ghost or his act before his character’s murder. The latter is infused with cliché-ridden dialogues, dull expressions and a lack of chemistry between the lead pair. You may even wonder how gunshots can possibly leave an impact on a ghost, and laugh it off without seeking a plausible explanation. But wait, such abrupt transitions and glitches do lead you somewhere close to a rather unpredictable climax.
Although the film aims to mix the genre of horror with thriller, ‘Main Zaroor Aaunga’ fails to both, thrill and scare the audience, and you may not end up admiring anything but the snowclad mountains in the background.
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Duration: 100 min

Quality: WEB-DL


IMDb: 4.0

Main Zaroor Aaunga 2019
Main Zaroor Aaunga 2019