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Murder in the Hills 2021

(2021) Mystery, Thriller | July 23, 2021 (India) 7.3
Stars: Anindita Bose, Arjun Chakrabarty, Sourav ChakrabortySummary: The seemingly natural death of a legendary movie star in Darjeeling threatens to expose a dark past of the serene hill station.


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Anjan Dutt enters the web series market and he uses Darjeeling as the backdrop for his first webseries. Kind of serendipitous in a way.
The first thing to remark here is how Darjeeling the city is used itself as a character. Not only does it look remarkably beautiful, but it is ingrained heavily into the narrative, almost as a character. My love towards the city is one of the primary reasons for me being very positive about the show. Like most hollywood movies where LA as the backdrop feels novel or tiring for the residents, as they recognize the place intimately, Murder in the Hills is the first time I felt something similar. I knew the lanes, the feeling of having breakfast on Kaventers, or walking through crowds in the bazaar, or having momos at night.
Murder in The Hills 2021:Bengali Webseries; goldmineshd.club;

                                       Murder in The Hills

Murder in the Hills as a show is very old school in structure. Reputed actor Tony Roy (Anjan Dutt) invites a cast of characters to his palatial bungalow on his 66th birthday, and dies of a heart attack. Amitabha, a journalist who was invited by his girlfriend, a mutual friend of Tony, is suspicious that the said death might be a murder, and his investigation slowly opens a can of worms with links all the way to events of Darjeeling over 30 years ago, events that might put Amitabha in danger at the present.
The focus on place and identity of the show, lends an atmospheric quality, which is maintained throughout the 8 minute runtime, even as it feels dragged out in the middle. The plot too isn’t really the most original or most novel. Dutt knows this, even inserting one of the books he is inspired by in the show. So instead of focusing too far on the plot mechanics, he focuses on the characters and by extension the actors, thus lending itself to a strong acting prowess by the entire ensemble.
The standout of the actors would be Anindita Bose as Sheela, as well as Suprobhat Das as Bob. Bose as Sheela brings a steely determination as well as a sweetness to the role, while Das is magnetic in his portrayal of a man very much ruled by his emotions. The rest of the cast including Arjun Chakraborty as the lead is also very good. Also good is the background music and the score, which comprises of indie rock songs, rap songs to give a distinctive flavor of its own.
Of course the ending would be familiar with anyone familiar with the trappings of the detective genre, but Dutt does try with his visual flair and his focus on character to deliver an engaging story, and in that Murder on the hills succeeds.
Also is it me or Rajdeep Gupta’s character kind of based on Srijit Mukherji?
Rating – ⭐⭐⭐.5/5
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Murder in The Hills 2021:Bengali Webseries; goldmineshd.club;

Murder in The Hills 2021:Bengali Webseries; goldmineshd.club;

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