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Pagal Premi 2007

Pagal Premi is a 2007 Bengali film. The film is directed by Har Patnaik. Produced by SK Movies . It stars Yash Dasgupta , Arpita Mukherjee and Ritwik Chakraborty .

The film made its debut in Yash Dasgupta’s film. The film stars Yash Dasgupta and Arpita Mukherjee for the first and last time together. The film did well at the box office.
College student Gitanjali alias Gita ( Arpita Pal ) goes to Kanyakumari to visit. He found a poem in a diary left on a beach and signed it saying he wanted the poem to succeed in his love. Later, his ankle fell into the sea and a man jumped into the water in front of his eyes but no one saw him recover. However, Gita did not see who jumped into the sea. He often dreamed of this event with the idea that the person who jumped was dead but his friends told him to forget it.

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In Pagal Premi Ajay ( Yash Dasgupta ) is the son of a shredded Brat and local MP Avtaram (Rajan P. Dev). He likes to flirt with beautiful girls and wants them to be his girlfriends. One day he saw the Gita and proposed to her. When he refused, he threatened to jump off the college building. Fearing to be responsible for the death, Gita accepts the offer that someone has already died for her and she does not want anyone to get hurt because of her and start dating her. Arya (Ritvik Chakraborty)) A happy-go-lucky boy who enjoys his life with friends and kids. On the first day of college, he saw Gita confessing her love to Ajay who was just at the top of the college building and threatening him. Fascinated by her beauty, Aria falls in love with him and offers him. One day Avataram arranges a party at his house and it is seen that Ajay introduces Gita to his father and persuades him to arrange their marriage. He flipped the table with his identity and announced that he was going to marry his son Lalasa. He threatened his son not to marry anyone but Lalasa. Seeing the situation and being embarrassed, Ajay sat down and started getting frustrated. Arya, who loves Gita so much that she never hesitated to help him, He decides to bring Ajay to Gita and helps them escape. On their way the birds of incarnation follow them. They finally find a train and .com in it.
When they get off the train at night, they are shocked to see that the leader of the birds of Avatar disobeyed the order of his wife and forced Gita to come with him. On the other hand, Ajay remains helpless, on the other hand Arya fights all the people and finally defeats them and rescues Ajay and Gita. They moved to a nearby town, which may have been the original town of Aria. Exhausted, the three went to bed.
The next morning they wake up and realize that Ajay is missing. Arya tries to convince Gita that Ajay has gone to win over his father. This leaves personal time for Arya and Gita and they grow closer to each other. Gita begins to like Arya and begins to understand her. When she tries to admit it to him, Ajay and his father come back. Avataram agrees to marry Ajay to Gita.
On the day of the wedding, Gita learns that Arya is the person who did the dove in the sea for her ankles and realizes that she came into his life long before Ajay. He realized that Ajay had blackmailed him for making love to him; Aria just wanted to see him happy. Gita further realizes that Arya really loves her, while Ajay is acting at her persuasion just to get what she didn’t have. He left the wedding hall in tears and confessed his love for Aria and they both reunited with each other and this time he successfully threw stones at the plastic coke cup and implied that he had truly succeeded in his love.

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